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YellowWood Tree Pictures

yellowwood tree
yellowwood leaf
yellowwood tree
big yellowwood
yellowwood tree
yellowwood leaves
american yellowwood
yellow wood
the yellowwood
yellowwood tree
yellowwood tree

Yellowwood Tree Species

Latin Name: Podocarpus genus

Types of Yellowwood Trees, Different Yellowwood Tree Species

  • African Yellowwood Tree
  • American Yellowwood Tree, Cladrastis kentukea
  • Cladrastis lutea
  • Cladrastis tinctoria

YellowWood Tree: Facts on the Yellowwood Tree

Here is some detailed information on the yellowwood tree species.

Cladrastis (Yellowwood) is a genus of seven species of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae, six native to eastern Asia, and one to southeastern North America.

They are small to medium-sized deciduous trees typically growing 10 to 20 m tall, exceptionally to 27 m tall. The leaves are compound pinnate, with 5 to 17 alternately arranged leaflets. The flowers are fragrant, white or pink, produced in racemes or panicles 15 to 40 cm long. The fruit is a pod 3 to 8 cm long, containing one to six seeds.

Cladrastis is related to the genus Maackia, from which it differs in having the buds concealed in the leaf base, and in the leaflets being arranged alternately on the leaf rachis, not in opposite pairs. The genus name derives from the Greek klados, branch, and thraustos, fragile, referring to the brittle nature of the twigs. The combination of Cladrastis, Pickeringia and Styphnolobium form a clade known as the Cladrastis clade; as the other two originated from within Cladrastis, Cladrastis is paraphyletic.

Some large Yellowwood trees can be found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the Cove Hardwood Nature Trail.

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