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Palm Trees

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Palm Tree Images

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Palm Tree Pictures: Library of Images on Palm Trees

Palm Tree: Garden Landscaping

Beach Palm Trees: Photos of Wind Swept Palms

palm tree photo
nice palm tree
palm tree by the beach

Palm Tree Sunsets

Palms: Palm Tree Sunrise
palm trees
Palm Trees Sunset Photograph

Palm Trees: More Photos of Palms

Palm Tree Picture, Palm Trees Beach Vacation Resort
ammar palm tree
palm tree
palm tree
Palm Tree Image Pic
australian palm tree
Palm Trees
Palm Tree Landscape
palm tree pic
palm tree sunset
Palm Tree

Palm Tree: More Photos of Palm Trees

TreePicturesOnline has two pages of palm tree pictures: The second page can be viewed at Palm Tree Pictures 2.

Additional palm tree photo Galleries can be viewed at Pictures of Palm Trees and Pics of Palm Trees.

Palms: Photos of Bermuda Palm Trees

Like to see some palm trees from Bernuda follow to Bermuda Palm Trees

Palm Tree Pictures 1 - Palm Tree Pictures 2

Palm Tree Types, List of Different Types of Palm Tree

  • Acai Palm Tree, tropical fruit trees
  • African Palm Tree, originally cultivated as a source of oil
  • Alexander Palm Tree, native to the rain forests of northern Queensland
  • Areca Palm Tree, also known as bamboo palm, golden cane palm and Madagascar palm
  • Arizona Palm Tree, an excellent landscaping tree in hot dry climates
  • Bismark Palm Tree
  • Blue Hesper Palm Tree
  • Canary Island Date Palm Tree
  • Chinese Fan Palm Tree
  • Christmas Palm Tree
  • Chusan Palm Tree
  • Coconut Palm Tree, yields approximately 30 fruits per year
  • Edible Date Palm Tree, cultivated for a very long time for its edible fruit
  • European Fan Palm Tree
  • Fishtail Palm Tree
  • Foxtail Palm Tree
  • Guadalupe Palm Tree
  • Indian Date Palm Tree
  • Majestic Palm Tree, often used indoors as a house plant
  • Montgomery Palm Tree
  • Pigmy Date Palm Tree
  • Pindo or Jelly Palm Tree
  • Queen Palm Tree, very popular as an ornamental tree used in urban landscaping
  • Senegal Date Palm Tree
  • Royal Palm Tree
  • Mexican Palmetto Tree, Mexican Fan Palm native to north west Mexico
  • Dwarf Palmetto Tree
  • Sabal Palm Tree
  • Sylvester Palm Tree
  • Tiger Palm Tree, this pal tree gets its name from the uniquely striped crownshaft
  • Triangle Palm Tree
  • Rafia Palm Tree, have the largest leaves of any plant
  • Washington Palm Tree
  • Wax Palm Tree, tallest palm tree in the world

Palms: Facts on Palm Trees

Arecaceae or Palmae (also known by the name Palmaceae, which is considered taxonomically invalid, or by the common name palm tree), the palm family, is a family of flowering plants, the only family in the monocot order Arecales. There are roughly 202 currently known genera with around 2600 species, most of which are restricted to tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climates. Most palms are distinguished by their large, compound, evergreen leaves arranged at the top of an unbranched stem. However, many palms are exceptions to this statement, and palms in fact exhibit an enormous diversity in physical characteristics. As well as being morphologically diverse, palms also inhabit nearly every type of habitat within their range, from rainforests to deserts.

Palms are among the best known and extensively cultivated plant families. They have been important to humans throughout much of our history. Many common products and foods are derived from palms, and palms are also widely used in landscaping for their exotic appearance, making them one of the most economically important plants. In many historical cultures, palms were symbols for such ideas as victory, peace, and fertility. Today, palms remain a popular symbol for the tropics and vacations.

Whether as shrubs, trees, or vines, palms have two methods of growth: solitary or clusters. The common representation is that of a solitary shoot ending in a crown of leaves. This monopodial behavior may be exhibited by prostrate, trunkless, and trunk-forming members. Some common palms restricted to solitary growth include Washingtonia and Roystonea. Palms may instead grow in sparse to dense clusters. The trunk will develop an axillary bud at a leaf node, usually near the base, from which a new shoot emerges. The new shoot, in turn, produces an axillary bud and a clustering habit results.

Most palms grow in the tropics. They are abundant throughout the tropics, and thrive in almost every habitat therein. Their diversity is highest in wet, lowland tropical forests, especially in ecological "hotspots" such as Madagascar, which has more endemic palms than all of Africa. Colombia may have the highest number of palm species in one country.

It is estimated that only 130 palm species grow naturally beyond the tropics, mostly in the subtropics.

Human use of palms is as old or older than human civilization itself, starting with the cultivation of the date palm by Mesopotamians and other Middle Eastern peoples 5000 years or more ago. Date wood, pits for storing dates, and other remains of the date palm have been found in Mesopotamian sites.

Like many other plants, palms have been threatened by human intervention and exploitation. The greatest risk to palms is destruction of habitat, especially in the tropical forests, due to urbanization, wood-chipping, mining, and conversion to farmland. Palms rarely reproduce after such great changes in the habitat, and palms with a small habitat range are most vulnerable to them. The harvesting of heart of palm, a delicacy in salads, also poses a threat because it is derived from the palm's apical meristem, a vital part of the palm that cannot be regrown.

The use of rattan palms in furniture has caused a major population decrease in these species that has negatively affected local and international markets as well as biodiversity in the area. The sale of seeds to nurseries and collectors is another threat, as the seeds of popular palms are sometimes harvested directly from the wild. At least 100 palm species are currently endangered, and nine species have reportedly recently become extinct.

Palm Tree Trivia

There are over 2,500 types of palm trees

The trunk of a palm tree does not increase in diameter like other trees but only grows taller.

The raffia palm has the largest leaves which can grow up to 20 meters in length.

The fruit of the coconut palm is the largest seed in the world.

Palm trees are a great source of coconuts, dates, betel nuts, acai fruit and palm oil

Columbia's national tree, the Quindio wax palm is the tallest palm tree species.

Palm Tree Pictures 1 Palm Tree Pictures 2

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