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Apple Tree Farms

Free fun Autumn weekend event is to go pick your own apples.

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Apple Tree Images

Apple, Red Apple Tree Fruit Image

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Apple Tree Pictures; Photos & Images of Apple Trees

Apple Trees, Apple Tree Orchard; Fruit Trees Prunned & Growing on an Apple Tree Farm

Apple Tree Orchard

Red Apple Fruit, Growing Apples on an Apple Tree Farm Orchard

Apple Tree Fruit

Apple Barrel & Young Apple Fruit Trees: Growing Apple Trees for Apple Cider on an Tree Farm

Apple Cider Barrel

Red Apple Fruit, Close up of an Apple and Leaf

Rosy Red Apple

Apples For Sale: Farm Apples on Road Side Display

Apple Fruit Stand

Apple Tree Fruit: Fallen Apples Sold by the Bag, Called Deer Apples or Horse Apples

Deer Apples

Pictures of Apple Trees; Apple Sapling: Young Apple Tree Growing in the Orchard | Apple:Tree:Sapling @

Apple Tree Sapling

Apples: Wild Apples Growing in Urban Ravine | Apple:Tree:Fruit @

Wild Apple Tree

Apple Tree Images: Orchard of Apple Trees | Apple:Trees:Orchard @

Apple Orchard

Apple Tree Pictures: Luscious Green Cortland Apple Ready For Picking | Apple:Tree:Fruit @

Cortland Apple

Apple Tree Pictures: More Apple Trees

Apple Tree Fruit Picture: Granny Smith Tree Apples, Green Crispy Tart Tasting Apple

Granny Smith Apples

Apple Seed, Close up of 2 Apple Seeds in an Apple Core Image

Apple Core and Pips

Apple: Picture of a Brown Russit Apple Fruit

Russet Apple Variety

Apple Tree: Mature Apple Plant Picture

Apple Tree

Apple Trees Fruit, Picture of a Red Apple Tree Fruit

Rosy Red Apples

Apple Tree Blooms, Photo of Apple Flowers

Apple Blossom

Apple Tree; Blossom of a Flowering Apple Fruit Tree Picture

Apple Blossom

Apple Fruit Tree, Image of Red Apple Fruit

Fallen Apple Fruit

Apple Tree, Picture of a Red Apple Tree Orchard

Apple Orchard

Apple Tree: Blossoms of a Flowering Apple Fruit Tree Picture

Apple Trees In Flower

Crab Apple Tree Picture

Wild Apple Trees

Apple Fruit Tree

Apple Tree Picture

Pictures of Apple Trees: Tree in Flower

Apple Blossom

An Apple Tree

Apple Tree

Pictures of Apple Trees: Blossom on an Apple Tree

Crab Apple Blossom

Pictures of an Apple Trees: Apple Fruit Tree with Ripe Red Apple Fruit

Picture of an Apple Tree

Apple Tree Fruit, Close up Photo of a Red Apples on a Tree

Pictures of Apples

Apple Tree Fruit, Photo of a Red Apples on an Apple Tree

Ripe Apple Fruit

Pictures of Apple Trees: Spring Picture of Blossoming Flowering Apple Fruit Tree

Apple Tree Flowers

Apple Fruit Tree, Image of the Apple Tree

Pictures of Apple Trees

Old Apple Tree

Old Apple Tree

Apple Trees, Picture of an Apple Tree, Apple Tree Plant

Apple Tree Pictures 1 - Apple Tree Pictures 2

Apple Tree Types: List of Different Types of Apple Tree

  • Ambrosia Apple Tree, semi-dwarf apple tree
  • Anna Apple Tree, popular apple tree grown in Southern states
  • Antonovka Apple Tree, popular Russian apple tree variety
  • Cortland Apple Tree, prized for making apple products such as pies, cider, juice and applesauce
  • Crab Apple Tree, famous for their colorful, fragrant springtime blossoms
  • Golden Delicious Apple Tree, self pollinating, produces excellent cooking apples
  • Granny Smith Apple Tree, produces fruit that is tart and delicious
  • Honeycrisp Apple Tree, a hardy tree that produces crisp, succulent apples
  • Spartan Apple Tree, easy to grow apple tree for home orchards

Fruit Tree Pictures: Galleries

More fruit tree pictures, images, photo & facts.

Apple Tree Facts & Types of Apple Trees

Apple, Red Apple Tree Fruit Image
Apple Trees are one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits, and the most widely known of the many members of genus Malus that are used and consumed by humans.

The tree originated in Western Asia, where its wild ancestor, the Alma, is still found today. There are more than 7,500 known cultivars of apples, resulting in a range of desired characteristics. Cultivars vary in their yield and the ultimate size of the tree, even when grown on the same rootstock.

At least 55 million tonnes of apples were grown worldwide in 2005, with a value of about $10 billion. China produced about 35% of this total. The United States is the second-leading producer, with more than 7.5% of world production. Iran is third, followed by Turkey, Russia, Italy and India.

The apple forms a tree that is small and deciduous, reaching 3 to 12 metres (9.8 to 39 ft) tall, with a broad, often densely twiggy crown.

Apple Tree Blossom

Apple Tree: Blossom Flower of Apple Trees

Apple blossoms, or flowers are white with a pink tinge that gradually fades, five petaled, and 2.5 to 3.5 centimetres (0.98 to 1.4 in) in diameter. The fruit matures in autumn, and is typically 5 to 9 centimetres (2.0 to 3.5 in) in diameter. The center of the fruit contains five carpels arranged in a five-point star, each carpel containing one to three seeds.
Apples appear in many religious traditions, often as a mystical or forbidden fruit. One of the problems identifying apples in religion, mythology and folktales is that the word "apple" was used as a generic term for all (foreign) fruit, other than berries, but including nuts, as late as the 17th century.

Though the forbidden fruit in the Book of Genesis is not identified, popular Christian tradition has held that it was an apple that Eve coaxed Adam to share with her. This may have been the result of Renaissance painters adding elements of Greek mythology into biblical scenes (alternative interpretations also based on Greek mythology occasionally replace the apple with a pomegranate). In this case the unnamed fruit of Eden became an apple under the influence of story of the golden apples in the Garden of Hesperides.

As a result, in the story of Adam and Eve, the apple became a symbol for knowledge, immortality, temptation, the fall of man into sin, and sin itself. In Latin, the words for "apple" and for "evil" are similar (malum "an apple", malum "an evil, a misfortune"). This may also have influenced the apple becoming interpreted as the biblical "forbidden fruit". The larynx in the human throat has been called Adam's apple because of a notion that it was caused by the forbidden fruit sticking in the throat of Adam. The apple as symbol of sexual seduction has been used to imply sexuality between men, possibly in an ironic vein.

In the wild, apples grow quite readily from seeds. However, like most perennial fruits, apples are ordinarily propagated asexually by grafting. This is because seedling apples are an example of "extreme heterozygotes", in that rather than inheriting DNA from their parents to create a new apple with those characteristics, they are instead different from their parents, sometimes radically.

Mature trees typically bear 40 to 200 kilograms (88 to 440 pounds) of apples each year, though productivity can be close to zero in poor years. Apples are harvested using three-point ladders that are designed to fit amongst the branches. Dwarf trees will bear about 10 to 80 kilograms (22 to 180 pounds) of fruit per year.

The trees are susceptible to a number of fungal and bacterial diseases and insect pests. Many commercial orchards pursue an aggressive program of chemical sprays to maintain high fruit quality, tree health, and high yields. A trend in orchard management is the use of organic methods. These use a less aggressive and direct methods of conventional farming. Instead of spraying potent chemicals, often shown to be potentially dangerous and maleficent to the tree in the long run, organic methods include encouraging or discouraging certain cycles and pests. To control a specific pest, organic growers might encourage the prosperity of its natural predator instead of outright killing it, and with it the natural biochemistry around the tree. Organic apples generally have the same or greater taste than conventionally grown apples, with reduced cosmetic appearances.

Apple Tree Comments, Trivia, Notes

Apple Tree Pollination

Apple farms will plant crab apple trees nearby to attract bees which help pollinate their apple fruit trees.

Apple Tree Fruit

Apples are made in to a variety of drinks including apple juice, apple cider and hard apple cider, an expanding popular alcoholic drink.

It takes a minimum of 4 apples to make a glass of juice, depending on the size of the glass of course!

Pioneers, in the 1800s, built underground storage bins for their apples and root vegatables to prevent them from freezing over the long cold winter months.

Apple Tree Orchard Fun

Pick your own apples, generally in the autumn months, Sept to Oct is a great family outing

Apples:One way to find and attract carpenter ants is with left over apple cores or old bruised apples. You can bait the apples in a effort to rid of a carpenter ant problem. Carpenter ants like damp old wood in trees, houses, garden retaining walls, firewood piles... Carpenter ants are usually hard to get rid of especially if they have got inside the house.

Apple Tree Pictures 1 - Apple Tree Pictures 2

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