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Cottonwood Tree Pictures

Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree Bark

Cottonwood Tree Photo

Winter Cottonwood Tree

Eastern Cottonwood Tree

Eastern Cottonwood

Cottonwood Tree Image


Cottonwood Tree Pic

Cottonwood Tree

Huge Cottonwood
Cottonwood Tree
Cottonwood Tree Photo
Cottonwood Tree Photo
Cottonwood Tree
Cottonwood Trees
Winter Tree Pictures: Cotton Wood Tree in Winter's Snow
Eastern Cottonwood Tree
Cottonwood Tree
Cottonwood Tree Pictures: Old Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree Scientific Name: Populus

Cottonwood Tree Species: List of Different Types of Cottonwood

  • Black Cottonwood Tree, seeds dispersed by wind and water
  • Eastern Cottonwood Tree
  • Fremont Cottonwood Tree
  • Lanceleaf Cottonwood Tree
  • Narrowleaf Cottonwood Tree
  • Plains Cottonwood Tree
  • Great Plains Cottonwood Tree
  • Rio Grande Cottonwood Tree, a deciduous poplar of the willow family
  • Swamp Cottonwood Tree
  • Parry's Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree: Facts, Info on the Cottonwood Trees

Here is some detailed information on the cottonwood tree.

Hibiscus tiliaceus is a species of flowering tree in the mallow family, Malvaceae, that is native to the Old World tropics. Common names include Sea Hibiscus, Beach Hibiscus, Coastal (or Coast) Hibiscus, Coastal (or Coast) Cottonwood, Green Cottonwood, Native Hibiscus, Native Rosella, Cottonwood Hibiscus, Kurrajong, Sea Rosemallow, Norfolk Hibiscus, Hau (Hawaiian), and Purau (Tahitian). The specific name refers to its resemblance to the related Tilia species.

H. tiliaceus reaches a height of 4 to 10 m (13 to 33 ft), with a trunk up to 15 cm (5.9 in) in diameter. The flowers of H. tiliaceus are bright yellow with a deep red centre upon opening. Over the course of the day, the flowers deepen to orange and finally red before they fall. The branches of the tree often curve over time.

H. tiliaceus is a common coastal plant in Eastern and Northern Australia, Oceania and Southeast Asia. It has become naturalized in parts of the New World, such as Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. It is uncertain if the species is native to Hawaii, as it may have been introduced by the Polynesians.

Cottonwood Tree Trivia

The Eastern Cottonwood is the state tree for Kansas and Nebraska.

The world's largest cottonwood tree plantation is in Issaquena County, Mississippi.

Cottonwood Trees seed every year covering the neighbourhood with what looks like a summer snowfall. The cotton is extremely flammable, try lighting with a match and see how quickly it burns.

A salve made from the buds of a cottonwood tree is a great pain reliever for arthritis.

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